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When we need an app for our smartphone, we simply go to the play store and install it within a second. But, when it comes to running the app on any PC, we hesitate to install it Because there are few apps that can be installed directly on a PC. But, an emulator can help you to install an android app like ThreeKingdoms Online on PC. Here you will see the installation process of ThreeKingdoms Online on PC.■ 쿠폰이 안될 시 기다렸다가 나중에 다시 시도해봐주세요.
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October 5, 2019
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■ 쿠폰이 안될 시 기다렸다가 나중에 다시 시도해봐주세요.
■ Turn and Threekingdoms Online
■ 삼국지 인디게임

■ 진정한 턴베이스의 전략 대전게임!
9개 병종: 기병, 보병, 궁수, 군사, 대장, 기마궁수, 창병, 중장보병, 발석차
날씨에 따른 데미지의 증가와 감소(맑은날, 비오는 날, 바람부는 날, 눈오는 날)
병종별 상성 : 보병 < 군사 < 대장 < 보병 < 기병 < 창병 < 궁수
병종별 다양한 스킬
병종,위치,날씨,스킬에 의한 다양한 전략을 통해 승패를 결정한다!

■ 미니게임 4개
새사냥.황건적 디텐스,사자성어 맞추기,재야장수 잡기

■ 타이밍 게이지를 활용한 짜릿한 승부!
게이지바를 활용한 유저의 땀과 노력으로 승부를 가져온다!

■ 삼국지 캐릭터 300명!
눈,피부색,수염 각 300개를 변형하여 자신만의 주인공을 갖는다!
300 x 300 x 300의 다양한 조합 가능!

■ 게임에서 자신의 명성을 알린다!
위,촉,오 각나라의 황제와 순위 3명이 메인화면에서 전 유저에게 보여진다!
도시의 성주, 한나라의 황제가 되어 명성을 떨치고 천하를 호령하라!

초보자 가이드 :
개발자 연락처 :
[email protected]

How to download & Install ThreeKingdoms Online App for Your PC?

As we mentioned earlier that you need an emulator for installing the ThreeKingdoms Online app for PC. For that, you can choose MEmu, Nox, or Bluestacks emulator.
How to download & Install App for Your PC

By selecting one of the emulators it will be much easier to install the ThreeKingdoms Online app on PC. So, let's follow the steps to see how easily you can ThreeKingdoms Online app for PC through an emulator.

Step 1: First of all, download the emulator for your PC to install the ThreeKingdoms Online app. You can choose the Nox player, MEmu or Bluestacks whichever you want.

Step 2: After completing the emulator installation process, open it.

Step 3: On the home page, you will see the google play store. Log in to the play store for downloading the ThreeKingdoms Online app on PC.

Step 4: After login, go to the search bar and type ThreeKingdoms Online app name. Press Enter.

Step 5: With ThreeKingdoms Online app you will have lots of related apps on your screen.

Step 6: Select the ThreeKingdoms Online app and click install.

Step 7: According to download speed, the ThreeKingdoms Online app may take time to install.

Step 8: When the full installation process of ThreeKingdoms Online app is done, now you can easily run it on your PC.

This is the most simple and quickest way to use the ThreeKingdoms Online app for your PC.

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