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When we need an app for our smartphone, we simply go to the play store and install it within a second. But, when it comes to running the app on any PC, we hesitate to install it Because there are few apps that can be installed directly on a PC. But, an emulator can help you to install an android app like VBE GHOST COM 052016 5in1 on PC. Here you will see the installation process of VBE GHOST COM 052016 5in1 on PC.This is the first Operating system, designed for Spirit Communication.
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March 8, 2016
2.3 and up
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This is the first Operating system, designed for Spirit Communication.

1) Spirit Text
2) Spirit Draw
3) Ghost Keyboard
4) Video ITC
5) VBE Ghost Box, with V3audioV2

New to VBE Software:
1) New User ( Help, tips, tricks )
2) Experienced User ( Direct access to application )
3) Spirit Operating System

Overall Functions:
1) Spirit Draw:
A .Designed for Visual Communication to work with VBE Ghost Box or without.
B. A means to play games with spirits
C. A means for a spirit to draw out letters, numbers, words, etc…
D. Multiple ways to get relevant responses or to verify, no spirit is present

2) Spirit Text:
A. A means to get words, sentences numbers and more, to work with VBE Ghost Box or without.
B. Another means to Q&A responses.
C. Another means to prove intelligent responses or none at all.

Note: Touch has been disabled for the user to prevent fake videos from appearing Mainstream. Spirit input only.

3) Ghost Keyboard:
A. A means to allow spirits to play music
B. A means to retrieve an intelligent response, via asking keys to be played,
C. A means to play music with a spirit present or alone.

4) Video ITC:
A. Visual data provided via screen brightness
B. A means to determine if a spirit is present or not
C. Possible manipulation of a spirit's visual aspects
D. White noise, audible controlled via Sensor data to work with VBE Ghost Box or without.

A: Sensor activated, Audio Loop file. ( REVERSED AUDIO – LOOPED )

1) Sensor Calibration, X Y Z or ALL at once.
2) Reset controls per application and Re calibration of pointer display.
3) MUTE – Speaker Icon
4) Power Off
5) Set Sensors – 5 Second delay to allow time to move away from device. Re Calibrate, while in use.
6) Visual onscreen time and seconds for video productions, via another recording device. I.E. Camcorder.
7) All sensor Data Displayed

Note: You the User or a spirit, may click and choose any file or program.

1) MP3 Audio by Rickyvb at https://www.facebook.com/groups/VBEINC. Both you the user and a spirit using the pointer can start or stop.

This application has startup information on how to use the application by selecting New User. If you still are having issues. Please stop by https://www.facebook.com/groups/VBEINC and One of our members or I, will help you
with this program.

This application, uses the GEO SENSORS in your device. Each device is different and requires the User to set the calibration for said device ( Described in NEW USER, information in program ).

This Application is for a stable investigation. This means, it is not portable during an investigation. Moving the device after it is calibrated will produce none specific results. The vibrations you cause by moving the device will effect all programs.


Thank you, to everyone that has continued to use VBE Software for their Ghost Hunting Investigations. Your Videos have been absolutely amazing. The communication you are having is fantastic and it fuels me to continue to better both the applications ability and precision. Your support is what funds future applications and hardware builds.

Again, Thank you and I hope you and your Spirit friend, enjoy this application.

Installing Process of VBE GHOST COM 052016 5in1 app for PC using an Emulator

If you choose MEmu, Nox Player, or Bluestacks for installing VBE GHOST COM 052016 5in1 apps on your PC, you will easily install it. Those are the best android emulators among the others. Let’s find out the installation process.

How to download & Install App for Your PC

  1. Go to the official website of MEmu, Nox Player, or Bluestacks Software.
  2. Choose the download link or the button for your PC.
  3. When the emulator download is finished, go to the homepage of it.
  4. Search for the play store to download VBE GHOST COM 052016 5in1 on PC.
  5. Select the VBE GHOST COM 052016 5in1 app and click install.
  6. Your VBE GHOST COM 052016 5in1 app will be installed on a PC.
  7. Now run the VBE GHOST COM 052016 5in1 app on your PC and enjoy the app service.



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